Insurance Claim Process

All players must pay into the league insurance pool, regardless of their insurance situation. In the event of an injury on the field, the team rep must immediately contact president Jen Christos to notify her of the injury. Please make sure the referee logs the injury in the game report as well. If a claim is necessary, here are the steps to take:


  • Player downloads the claim form from CSSA website only.
  • Player fills out form.
  • Player then sends to team rep for signing.
  • Team rep sends it to the league president, Jennifer Larson to verify that the injury is reported in the official USSF match report (ref’s report). If needed, league can ask its assignor or the referee directly to amend the report to include injury (file a supplemental report).
  • President of League sends the report to Dan Rooney, President of CSSA for final signoff and then sends to AIG/Chartis insurance company.

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