June 9th playoff schedule

June 9th Quarterfinals:

·         New Haven vs. Elm Diner- 11am Stamford West Beach

·         Benistar vs. Stamford Green- 9am Stamford West Beach

·         Danbury 1 vs. Mustangs- 10:30 am Danbury Portg. Club

·         Westport vs. Riverside- 8am Westport Coley Front Middle School

Game Rules:

·         Full 45 minute games

·         Tied- Two 10 minute OT ( No sudden death)

·         Tied after OT- Penalty kicks

Weather Guidelines:

·         If field cancelled day before or on game day due to inclement weather notify President immediately

o   Both teams must make up the game the following day.

o   If game unable to be rescheduled because of field issue home team will forfeit- Solicit my help if you are having troubles finding a field for Sunday.

o   If unable to reschedule game because of numbers, that team lacking numbers will forfeit. Min of 7 players to play a game.

·         Cancellation of playoff game due to lack of numbers is a forfeit, no exceptions.  If cancelled night before game, team will have to pay half of the referee fees

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