Fall 2012 — How to register

Registration will be done online this season. Each player is responsible for registering and paying an individual $80 fee. This fee covers the league fees, ref fees, and insurance for all players. Those who pay this in the Fall will have their insurance covered for the Spring season as well. A few things:

  • Rosters will close on 9/15. No new players can be added after that date.
  • New players must upload a 1×1 headshot photo for their player pass.
  • Please contact Jen Larson or Heather Bartholomew if you have questions regarding registration
  • Team reps must create or activate accounts for each of their players before they can register

How to register:

  • All team reps have been entered into the website
  • Click on the URL or cut and past it into your browser URL: http://www.hotstat.com/73080
  • Click on teams first on the right hand side
  • Click on their team name
  • On the right hand side click on team log in
  • Click on forgot pin number or need to get one
  • Enter email address
  • A pin number will be sent to your email address (if not, please contact your team rep)
  • Once you get the PIN number, log onto the website
  • Click on your appropriate team
  • Click on payment tab and pay player fee

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