Spring 2013 — How to register

Registration for the spring season is now open. Each player is responsible for registering and paying an individual $80 fee. Those who played in the Fall will have their insurance covered for the Spring season as well. New players must also send a mandatory $25 check to SCWSL for insurance.

A few things:

  • Rosters will close on 4/13. No new players can be added after that date.
  • New players must upload a 1×1 headshot photo for their player pass.
  • Please contact Jen Larson or Heather Bartholomew if you have questions regarding registration
  • Team reps must create or activate accounts for each of their players before they can register

How to register:

  • All team reps have been entered into the website
  • Click on the URL or cut and past it into your browser URL: http://www.hotstat.com/73080
  • Click on teams first on the right hand side
  • Click on their team name
  • On the right hand side click on team log in
  • Click on forgot pin number or need to get one
  • Enter email address
  • A pin number will be sent to your email address (if not, please contact your team rep)
  • Once you get the PIN number, log onto the website
  • Click on your appropriate team
  • Click on payment tab and pay player fee

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